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Adventurous live aboards in the Maldives




Because we started of with promotion of our live aboards in The Netherlands, most comments in our guestbook are in Dutch. We have created this page with English translations for our international customers. You will find the original guestbook here

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Gerard en Sandra 18:32 29-03-2010

What a great divesafari. With a group from divecentre de Beldert from Zoelen we have made a safari with 11 persons for 9 days through 3 Atolls. We have seen almost everything. We've had calm seas and only once ripping currents. The food and good care of the crew made this to a fantastic week. The experience of the divers was good enough to be able to do all dives very smoothly. Many thanks to Bas and Christian who dived with us as organizers ans instructors ans showed us the many great sites. We surely will come back in the future. Good luck with the next trips.

Gerard and Sandra Divecentre de Beldert. www.beldert.nl

GERDI EN FRANS 18:07 29-03-2010

A super experience to be on the boat !! Great dives and very educating. Nice people who think about everything and for who it is never too much to explain stuff another time. Compliments for Bas & Christian!! And ofcourse also lots of complements for the crew. The cooks are great, also the boys on the Dhoni who help you with climbing aboard after the dive. Actually are 11 days too short but we have to get back to work and save for another holiday. We hope we will see you guys again, maybe at the Beldert? Let us hear when you are around and we will take care of the port and old cheese. Thanks for the great safari !!!

Cheers, Frans & Gerdi

Karel-Jan 17:55 29-03-2010

The safari was excellent organized by Bas and crew. The dives were well briefed and guided. The food was excellent and the desserts even better. The weather was very good and at some divesites we had strong currents and there was lots of action. The night dives were excellent with lots of sharks and stingrays. Good luck and thanks for the great time we've had.

Regards, Karel-Jan van Beusekom

Armand and Angelique 13:18 29-03-2010

In advance it was still exciting just how I (angelique) would find it. Because I quickly suffer from seasickness. Luckily I didn't became sick. The sea was nice and quiet. I've really worried about nothing. When this 'problem' was resolved the holidays could begin. We had good weather days only. We made several dives. Dives with no current, dives with strong currents and wreck dives. It was awesome. The visibility under water was really good, from 20 to 40 meters. The underwater life is amazing. Very different species of small and large fish and animals, hard and soft coral. For every diver there is something in it what they like. For us this was the first liveaboard but this was certainly not the last. Thanks for the great experience.

Greetings Armand and Angelique

Piet Ulrich 08:18 29-03-2010

Dear Bas and Christian,
Our first experience with the Maldives was fantastic. For you the task to make the second one also memorable. Afterwards we can only conclude : the Maldives are a beautiful refuge for us. You have shown us almost everything where a diver comes for to the Maldives. You know where to find the whale sharks, the grey reef sharks, where the whitetips hunt and sleep, where the manta's are cleaned and all those magnificent other underwater creatures. Also thanks to the crew of the Blue Dolphin making this again a holiday we will talk about for ages.

Thank you very much for this. Piet

jan huibers 07:52 29-03-2010

Hello Bas and crew
We enjoyed a fantastic trip with everything you can wish for. The crew is great, the boat is a little bit old but the atmosphere is fantastic. The kitchen deserves a michelin star. We loved it !
Lots of dive greetings from Jan Huibers and Gerard Langerak

Gerrit van IJmeren 21:43 28-03-2010

Hi Team Safari,
You will probably still be diving in the new season. At home we are still enjoying every time when we sort out new fotographs and videos for our website. It was and still is a fantastic experience.
For those who want to enjoy it with us please visit
Dive is Life
Regards and until the next safari

Ludo 19:30 08:31 23-03-2010

Hi Bas ,
Thanks again for the wonderful divesafari. For someone who loves diving a definate recommendation. Also for the crew of the Blue Dolphin a thank you.

Cheers Ludo

miryam 16:18 01-01-2010

Hé Bas, Nienke and Christian,

I want to thank you for this super dive holiday.We have had the bad weather but I still enjoyed it a lot. But when we return in March the sun will be there, think positively.;-) Also thanx to the crew, they were always ready to help. Also thanx to all other divers for the great atmosphere.
Until March!

Regards Miryam

Bouko Norden 11:47 27-12-2009

Hello Bas en Christian,
Thanks for the fantastic dive experience on the Blue Dolphin. We have almost seen anything I wanted to see. Most impressive were the Mantas. Many and Big. Beautiful. Next time we do a 2 week safari !

Regards Bouko

Gianfranco en Erica 19:30 24-12-2009

After reading the new travel reports and our experiences with previous live aboards in the Maldives, we know very well what a present this last safari of the season was. The weather was beautiful. We have never seen such a calm sea at the end of a dive.
Add to that: whale sharks, manta rays, mobula's, sharks, professional diving leadership a good crew and a wonderful group of divers. Dare we call this a perfect holiday?
A dive safari conducted by Bas and Christian is highly recommended for those who look for an exciting challenging and great live aboard. Occasionally a Mickey Mouse completes it all.
Now we are back at home in winter wonderland we look back on this holiday with a lot of joy.
Our tip: stay 1 or 2 days in a hotel before the safari starts. Get used to the warm weather and get some rest from work. Then start the safari relaxed.
Our thanks go to Bas, Christian and the crew. Thanks to you we have had a super holiday. And of course our fellow divers: Thanks. Our group was a nice collection of different people, but they all share the passion for diving.
We look forward to the reunion, and maybe we'll meet you somewhere in this world again under water.

Regards, Gianfranco en Erica.

Gerard van Lint 13:56 14-12-2009

Safari November 17 until December 1
Fantastic, what a great holiday. For me the first time, and immediately seeing all the "big boys" passing by, no, swim between them!
Nice atmosphere among the crew and divers!!
Thank you.

Gerrit van IJmeren 21:13 08-12-2009

Safari 17-11 tot 1-12
I enjoyed it greatly. What a pleasure the diving was.
As the predecessors describe. All you can wish yourself as a diver.
Thanks to the super crew and a nice diving buddy's.

Soon I will show the many photos and films at www.dive-is-life.eu.
We are going to do this again

Maurice 15:55 06-12-2009

Maldives November 17 to December 1. We dived the most beautiful dive sites of the Male Atoll, Ari Atoll and Rasdhoo Atoll. What a super dive safari this was!

Under expert guidance and enthusiastic guiding of Bas and Christian we did very varied dives on Thilas and sometimes (because of the violent currents) spectacular dives in the Kandus. We were less happy with Bas' wake-up service, every morning around six o'clock: "Good morning! Coffee-Tea-briefing, " This is my vacation man! But we forgive you Bas! The exciting dives which followed after the wake up made up for it.

What we can check off on our wish list:
Giant Manta Ray's ... check
Whale Sharks ... check
Eagle rays ... check
Mobila's (Christian refers to them as Mickey Mouse's Manta) ... check
White tip reef sharks ... check
Gray reef sharks ... check
Leopard shark ... check

The crew of the Blue Dolphin is in one word: Great! Dohni captain Lilwan, Dunga, the attentive and always smiling Muhammad Joel "Julu," chief Mustafa, Kamal and Lalmya, all thanks. And a captain, "Cappi" 'Mr.. Lobby Lobby' Modo, who was doing your laundry on the deck ... where do see that? Everyone very helpful and constantly busy making it as much as comfortable for you as possible. Fantastic! You cannot wish for a better crew.

And then dive guide Christian from Copenhagen, who did his best to learn a little Dutch. His briefings with the words 'veeery veeel fish' and 'amazing colors' and the exclamation 'etjukla' as the full plates were put on the table, I will not forget this soon.

All divers: Alex, Helma, Stefan, Ramonda, Gianfranco, Erica, Paul, Gerrit, Coen, Gerard and Arthur thank you for your company during these beautiful 2 weeks of diving! I am looking froward to a reunion or foto/video evening.

Also thanks to the Maldivian weather Gods. The sun was shining and the heat was occasionally flushed away by a refreshing showers. But i was especially happy with the moderate wind and waves so I did not have to use my supply of seasickness pills..

And well....still something was missing! The hammerheads at Rasdhoo Madi Faru did not show up. A very good excuse to come back ;-).


Helma en Alexander 08:40 06-12-2009

Hallo Bas en Christian,

After being with your predecessor for four times this was the first time with yuo guys.
Also this time we had a great time, the weather was excellent and 4 whale sharks in 1 safari is fantastic! The first 3 dives with manta rays were like going to a party. They are impressive and very graceful animals.
Eagle rays, stingrays, leopard shark, gray reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, barracudas, various kinds of moray eels, turtles, small stuff like different types of snails, shrimps etc. My amount of pictures says it all.
As we are used too, the crew was contineously busy to make this a great holliday and they too have again contributed to this successful holiday!
Keep it up!

Greetings Alexander and Helma

Ramonda en Stefan 14:47 05-12-2009

Hi Bas and Christian,

Thanks you so much for the nice holiday! We have had a wonderful holiday. We have seen all we wanted to see: mantas, whale sharks, turtles and white tips. And we have been so lucky with the weather!

The crew was very helpful and friendly. The diving was truly an experience for us. Despite we did not do the strong current dives, we enjoyed the Mickey Mouse dives. Definitely a must!

Stefan and Ramonda

Ymkje en Maurice 11:10 26-11-2009

The holiday is already finished. But in about 4 months we will be back. And that will be our third time we go on this trip and that says a lot. We have had a great holiday. Besides the whale shark, we have seen all there is to be seen. Mantas, white tip reef sharks, gray reef sharks and even nurse sharks. This in addition to beautiful dive sites. Unfortunately we have had very bad weather, but thanks to Bas, Christian and the crew we had an unforgettable holiday. In one word it was GREAT . Thanks and see you soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings and Maurice Ymkje

Herman en Dori-An 06:28 23-11-2009

Unfortunately our 2 week safari is over, this was our second time in the Maldives. Despite the weather: the first 9 days super bad, rain, thunder storms and Bas, Christian and the crew have done everything to us to make us feel comfortable and they succeeded. We did some beautiful dives with Manta rays, sharks, turtles and moray eels. Too many to mention, beautiful corals but unfortunately no whale sharks but the crew has done everything to find them for us, even hanging behind the boat. Next time we hope to have more luck .

Bas, Christian, fellow divers and the crew thanks for this unforgettable safari and until next time.
Herman and Dori-An

Marco en Danielle 06:28 23-11-2009

After a long journey our long awaited 2 week safari finally began. Unfortunately the weather gods were against us for the first 9 days. This was expressed in strong winds in long showers. However, this did not put us off. Our first dive was at a cleaning station for Manta's. I had never seen them but there they were. Beautiful animals, very impressive. After the mantas we did various current dives where we sought protection in the many beautiful overgrown caves with the sharks swimming past us. During an ascent Marco was with his face to the reef but fortunately Christian allerted him to look at the school mobula (small manta species) behind him. Too bad I was not there. One of the last dives we were lucky to see even 3 nurse sharks. This was thanks to Maurice and Imke. They knew from of a few years ago they were there. Always good to have buddies who have been with the Blud Dolphin previously. Unfortunately we have not seen any whale sharks this trip. More reasons to come back next year. It was a relaxing trip with beautiful and less beautiful reefs.


cees & wendy 04:39 23-11-2009

For us the 2 weeks are finished. 2 weeks we will not forget soon. The first week the weather supplied some challenges, a lot of rain, strong winds and stormy seas, not something you expect when you go to the Maldives. Despite the weather we have done some beautiful and very instructive dives. The memories going early in the morning in the pouring rain to the dive site will always put a little smile on our faces. Luckily the weather calmed down so we could still cross to the south Ari Atoll . Unfortunately we did not see any whale sharks but we tried everything possible to find them, even tying the Dhoni captain behind the Dhoni. They just do not come by order ............ reasons for us to come back. The crew on board was a bunch of hard-working guys who were busy 24 hours a day making our safari the best possible one, really great!

Bas, Christian, Nienke and fellow divers thanks for these special 2 weeks,

Cheers, Cees and Wendy

Richard 21:55 22-11-2009

Back for some weeks now but still not finished viewing all beautiful videos and photographs. I enjoyed the mantarays, sharks and beautiful water enormously. The islands, the beautiful coral, the currentdives, the wreck and nightdives and the good food. The dive guides are excellent and the crew is very helpful and friendly. Add to that 6 divers from our dive club and 6 more divers who made it all to a pleasant mix. Bas, Christian and all the crew thanks !

Gert 20:15 08-11-2009

Hey Bas & Christian,

Thanks for the unique experience, it was impressive and a wonderful vacation !

All the best!

Ciao, Gert

Erik 11:08 07-11-2009

Hi Bas and Christian,
I have been busy working on my videos for a couple of days now with a lot of enthusiasm. Especially the mantas are great. I have made it into a nice movie. For you and all others you can find it here.
Cheers, Erik

Hans 14:03 05-11-2009

Hi Bas,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic experience of diving in the Maldives.
I never thought I would see so many sharks, manta rays and dolphins at one glance. The Eagle-rays and all the big schools of fish were impressive. I've enjoyed your company and stay on the boat. The food was nice too!

I will be back for sure to look again at all the beautiful things underwater in the Maldives.

Regards Hans

Rianne 15:57 04-11-2009

Hiiiiiiiiiii Bas en Christian,

We just arrived and as promised I post a message .
It was GREAT.
Thank you for all mantas, sharks , turtles, napoleons, cleaner shrimps , nemos, nudibranches, tuna, schools of glassfish, travellys, jacks, barracudas, lobsters, mantis shrimps, triggerfish, parrotfish, dolphins, the Mickey Mouse mantas   ( mobilas ) and everything I have forgotten !!!!!
You have made our holiday to one big dream with a continuous stream of new, beautiful, impressive and emotional impressions.
The boat is a good hotel and the crew are fantastic.
Next time we come for a 2 week safari to see whalesharks.


Floris 17:36 02-11-2009

What can I add to all these responses, it was perfect. To To try to visually transfer our enthusiasm see www.thebrothers.nl.

Hans 23:12 31-10-2009

Nine years ago in October 2000, I dived the first time from the Blue Dolphin, at that time with the owner Mr. Conti. We did adventurous (current) dives, with lots of large fish, including sharks and turtles. That was my best dive holiday so far.
Surely a risk for to book the same trip again, the second time is often not as good after a good first experience.
Fortunately my fears were unfounded. Christian and Bas led us to many top spots and even at the first dive we have seen many mantas. Very impressive and very close. Obviously nobody objected to dive the same site the next day. The sharks were seen later in the week, although they were more distant. We also saw a large family of napoleons. The coral was beautiful at most sites and the weather was nice and stable. The two wreck dives, including one night dive were also very special.
In short, all my previous good experiences of the safari are definitely exceeded!
Bas, Christian and the crew of the boat, thanks for a great week!

Erik 19:40 28-10-2009

I have had a top week. Beautiful dive sites and many beautiful creatures. Mantas, sharks, rays and so on. Less current then expected, but this is nature. Nice boat, good crew. They are doing everything to make you comfortable. And the food? Well, nice, nice, nice. I do not know how they can prepare this in such a small galley.

Bas, Christian and crew, thanks!

tonny 16:10 28-10-2009

I can recommend this one!! We were with 12 guests on the boat and this is great. Enough people to make it lively and a small enough group for diving. Bas and Christian did a good job. We did not do it in a rush but you have all the time to dive and watch what attracts you. They are supported by a fine crew who help were they can. And really .....I have no idea how they can prepare this good tasting food in these quantities in that galley! Unfortunately the week has flown by too quickly , but we are now filled with good memories and photographs of big mantas, sharks and turtles but also photos of cleaner shrimps, flatworms and nudibranches.

Bas, Christian, Crew, thanks !! "

part of the route

Petra 17:36 26-10-2009

I am not even back from the Maldives and I am putting a message on the website. We have had a lovely week and if it would be up to me I would go right back. The dives were great. We have seen so much. Immediately mantas during the first dive. What a majestic animals. We've also seen sharks and turtles, but also small things like cucumbers, snails, lobsters, etc. And the crew on the boat work like crazy to make sure that you have a wonderful holiday. The food was a fiesta. Delicious. And the guides?? Well what can you say about it ......... except this ......... if you take a package of syrop waffles with you they will do anything for you :-)......(Bas, sorry but could I could not resist). No,without joking we had a super week!