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Adventurous live aboards in the Maldives



A collection of interesting websites.


The Real Maldives >

Since September 2009 the law in the Maldives changed making it possible to stay affordable on local islands, with this effort a whole new toerist groups is targetted and the Maldives come within reach of people with a totally different budget. More information you will find on our newly build website.


Seawalker Cairns, Australie >

If you can't swim this is a great way of experiencing the underwaterworld. Walking underwater with a diving helmet accompanied by professional divers.


Crystal River Manatee Tours Florida, USA >

Manatee Tours, Kayak Tours, Scuba Diving etc. A very relaxed well organized divingschool where we've snorkeled with Manatees. A link to a small movie is posted on our newspage.


Get Wet Den Haag >

The site of Get Wet Maritiem, THE place to be for wreckdiving on the Northesea and maritime training. A “must” for everybody who is regularly on or in the water.


IDC Koh Samui, Thailand >

The site of Camille Lemmens, a Dutch course director who works, lives and organizes IDC's in Thailand. Both Nienke, Christian and Bas have done their IDC with him.


Universal Diver Perentian Besar, Malaisia >

Universal Diver Perentian Besar Malaisia, a very relaxed diving school with very nice dive sites in the area.


Karin Brussaard >

Karin Brussaard underwater photographer, beautiful pictures, interesting stories and diving courses (digital) photography.

Hotels Resorts information on the Maldives, Travel guides, detailed maps and scuba diving >
This is your easy guide to the best holiday in the Maldives. Whether on sea, underwater, or on one of the most beautiful tropical islands you have ever seen, Vermillion Travels offers you the best of all worlds.  

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