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Adventurous live aboards in the Maldives




The Mantaray is present is all tropical seas and especially around coral reefs.Together with the whaleshark is this one of the most popular fishes in the Maldives. The Mantaray is also a 'filter feeder' and can have a wingspan of 8 meters and a weight of 2300kg.

Mantas feed on plankton that is passively filtered through their gills. They are generally not shy to divers as long as they do not come to close. Because they are filter feeders they seek the places where the plankton is located.

This means that in the period from mid-May through mid-November they reside on the east side of the Maldives and in the period from mid November to mid May they reside on the west side of the Maldives. It is not unusual we see Mantarays during our safaris in the months October and November on our first dives on a cleaning station near Male.

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