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Adventurous live aboards in the Maldives



About us

Founder of The True Maldives is Bas van der Mee who took over the company from Ruud Paesie in 2007 who organized safaris since 1994, at that time being called Duiksafaris.nl. We started to use the name The True Maldives because of a growing international customerbase. Because of the introduction of the GST (Goods and Services Tax) and changing regulations with regarding to workpermits in 2012 it became necessary to establish our company in the Maldives. Since 2012 we are formaly established as TTM Pvt Ltd. in the Maldives.

Bas van der Mee:

Since I started diving this has become my biggest hobby and since then I have been diving all over the world. The most beautiful location is definitely the Maldives. Because of the enormous versatility, there is something in it for everyone. Big fish, macro life, deep, wreck, night, current, reef, for everyone there is something to explore.
2007 was a turning point in my life, I'd had it with the fast and stressful IT life and decided to do fun things for a while. My idea was to travel a while as a dive instructor and I started working on Koh Samui (Thailand) and later in Perentian Besar (Malaysia). At that time Ruud decided to stop with his dive safaris and asked me if I was interested to take over his company. After being on trips with him for the past 7 years it didn't take me a long time to think it over.

Our formula is to have always a Maldivian guide and a European safarileader on the boat thus combining the best of both worlds.

As of Autumn 2012 Amith joined our staff as being our Maldivian diveguide. Amith started diving 15 years ago in Alimaatha in the Felidhoo Atoll. After Alimaatha he worked at Nika Island resort and he has friends all over the Maldives which is very handy when trying to find out where the big animals are. Right from the start he surprised us (and himself) by finding one of the best night dive sites in the world. Amith is also the DJ on the boat so if you have any special request regarding music talk to him.

The safarileader on board is Bas who is also diveguide next to Amith. This means we have always 2 guides on the boat who both dive along.