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The True Maldives is a specialised company that has one goal: Deliver the next level of dive experience for an affordable price. The 2 owners of the company have build a great dive and travel experiences around the globe in the past 25 years.

Personal approach: The True Maldives is flexible with the safari’s. We can organise safari’s for groups and for individuals. Planning of your holiday or business trip is important. You don’t want to have surprises when you arrive. Therefore, you can book your safari directly with the organizers and they will give that personal touch to your dive safari.

Remco & Marco. The True Maldives
About us. The True Maldives

The next level of dive experience: The True Maldives organize safari’s for small groups (max. 14 people). Planning of each dive is executed based on the location (East or West side of the Atoll), current, moesson period, wind and weather conditions. The dive guide has a key role in the planning. Our company invests in the best dive guides in the Maldives with an experience of more than 20.000 dives in the area. This means that for each dive the planning is made very secure and the cruise director can act flexible in order to make every dive a great experience.

Over 25 years of experience: The Cruise Directors have a huge experience in diving around the globe. They know what divers want and what they need, in order to deliver a successful cruise. They can act quick in potential emergency situations and understand the potential risk of each dive. This gives the divers on board a secure feeling.

Since the start of The True Maldives in 1994 the above principles have been the heart of the company and with success. Thousands of divers have experienced the next level of dive experience  for an affordable price.

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Marco van Wijnkoop
Marco started diving in the late 80ies in the Netherlands. Once he took his first breaths underwater he was sold. This became his greatest passion. In 1994 he became a PADI Pro and started his own diving school Pacific Diving. The key differentiator was to deliver the best divers. No focus on money making but on sharing the experience and make responsible divers of each student. Marco lives his passion and forget sometimes that he needs to make a living. He enjoys to be with divers and never stops talking about diving. He brings the joy together with the diving skills. As a well trained Tech Diver he goes crazy and he wants to share his joy with each diver
Remco Siereveld
Remco started diving in 1993 on Malta where he met Marco. He had the same experience as Marco. Once he touched the neoprene and the regulator he went crazy. He never stopped diving and together with Marco he trained the divers for Pacific Diving conform the principles of the company. Remco is more business oriented with his experiences in the International IT business. Together with his passion for diving he combines his best efforts to make life beautiful. No focus on money but on building memorable experiences for himself and his friends.
Routes. The True Maldives