Diving Maldives

Dive sites you will explore

During our trips, we keep to a self-made itinerary. We like to avoid the crowds and seek out the quiet dive sites. The Maldives consist of many different atolls. These are islands with the most beautiful coral reefs. The most famous atoll is the Malé toll, which is also where you will find the capital Malé. We dive on the Thilas and Giri atoll reefs.

The underwater world of the Maldives

While diving in the Maldives, you will come across the most beautiful coral reefs where different types of fish swim by. The parrotfish and the clownfish are examples of species you will often see. Diving in the Maldives not only means seeing the beautiful coral reefs, but also seeing the well-known manta rays up close or swimming with whale sharks. Whale sharks are the largest fish in the ocean and are completely harmless to humans. Besides the whale shark, you will also encounter the tiger shark and hammerhead shark. Every diving enthusiast’s dream, right? As there are many different fish swimming around, every dive is unique.

Currents in the Maldives

Currents in the Maldives can be powerful, affecting your diving. An obvious solution to avoid the currents is to dive during the change of tides. But it is even possible for the currents to be stronger during the tide change than during low or high tide. Due to a complex interaction between the prevailing monsoon winds, ocean and tidal currents, currents can vary greatly in time and place. Fortunately, we have experienced dive guides who know exactly where you can and cannot dive safely.

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Diving Maldives: a unique diving experience

Whether you are a snorkeller or an experienced diver, the Maldives offer a fun diving experience for everyone. With our liveaboards, you can count on personal guidance and meeting people who share the same love for diving. Many people have gone before you and some have shared their experiences about it. Are you also interested in a diving trip to the Maldives? Then book your trip via our website or contact us.