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Staying at a tourist resort is comfortable and pleasant, but also has its limitations. Because you can’t go out further than 30 minutes from the resort. You don’t see a lot of the country and the diving is limited to 2 or 3 nice dive sites and a few medio core dive sites around the area. In the special situation (like Whale shark watching) the resort Dhoni goes out further, you are charged a ridiculous amount and you can only get two dives in as you don’t have the time to do more.

A safari boat resolves all these problems.  A safari boat sails along the best dive sites and shortens the trip with the Dhoni. After the dive, the equipment remains on the Dhoni and the only thing you have to do, is to step on to the safari boat.

Dhinasha & Dhuveli

We organise mainly longer safaris to sail “out of sync” with 95% of the other boats who only organise 8 day trips.

Because of this we have most dive sites to ourselves. Guest who want to dive alone with their dive buddy, can do this after the check dive. This is especially convenient for photo-and videographers who don’t want anybody around.

Last couple of years we operated a dozen different boats but the way the Dhinasha is managed is exceptional professional. The boat is kept in a very good shape and the crew is among the very best we have worked with in the Maldives

The Dinasha is 28 meters long and 9 meters wide. She has  9 cabins from which 4 cabins with a double and single bed. There are 3 cabins with two single beds and 2 luxury cabins with a double bed. The luxury cabins are bookable for an extra fee of 200,- euro per person per trip. There are additional cabins for the cruise director and the crew. All cabins have ensuite a shower, toilet, air conditioning and a fan. The Dhinasha can accommodate 20 guests.

On the upper deck there is a large sundeck with plenty of shade. On both the front- and the rear deck there is plenty of space to relax.

The Dinasha. The True Maldives
The Dinasha. The True Maldives

The last renovation was in 2020 when all cabins were completely renewed an extra deck build and the lounge completely renewed. In 2014, the generator was replaced, and the main engine was overhauled.

The cruising speed of the Dhinasha is 12 knots. The accompanying Dhoni holds 2 compressors with a total capacity of 640l/min and the 80cuft aluminium dive tanks. On our Dhoni and the Dhinasha we have O2 for emergency situations.

After the dive, the equipment remains on the Dhoni. The only thing you have to do, is step on to the safari boat.

In our Gallery section > you can find more pictures about the Dhinasha.

We also sail with the Blue Shark.
This is a ship that is similair to the Dhinasha.
Click here to see photo’s of the Blue Shark.

The Dinasha. The True Maldives
The Dinasha. The True Maldives

Read a book, enjoy the wheater, have a drink, play a game, talk about what you have seen and what you hope to see.

Whatever you do….. make sure you love doing it!

Maladiven. The True Maldives