Liveaboard Maldives

A personal and unique liveaboard

Our liveaboards are not just about diving, but also about providing everyone with a unique diving experience. We are flexible and like to give you a personal touch. With our expert crew and tailor-made itineraries, we aim to provide a personal liveaboard experience that meets the unique expectations of each diver. You can book a liveaboard via the website. Here you will also find information on what is and is not included in the price. Do you have any questions? Then be sure to contact us.

What is a liveaboard?

A liveaboard Maldives is a multi-day trip where you stay on a boat and make dives every day. Liveaboards offer diving enthusiasts the chance to be able to visit the best dive sites that are not swarmed by tourists. During The True Maldives’ liveaboards, you can expect unique diving experiences. We value personal guidance and focus entirely on finding the best dive sites. You get the chance to dive, but also to meet other diving enthusiasts.


Our diving programme

The daily diving programme during our liveaboard in the Maldives consists of 3 dives. These are all at top locations. With our boat, we look for “the big stuff”. This is what we always try to focus on. Think manta rays and whale sharks, for example. The chances of seeing these are incredibly high. In between dives, when the opportunity arises, we visit uninhabited islands where you can have a look around. There is also time to relax, read a book or fish with our crew. A liveaboard in the Maldives is the ultimate diving holiday with a mix of diving and relaxing in an awesome location.

What do you get to see during a liveaboard?

The Maldives consist of around 1,200 islands that make up 26 atolls, in total about 600 kilometres long. You’ll find white sandy beaches and palm trees here, of course, but what does the ocean offer? The islands are surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, where tropical fish with beautiful colours swim around. What you will also encounter during our liveaboard are, of course, the big turtles and various shark species. We often go in search of whale sharks and manta rays. These beautiful animals will never bore you and it remains a unique experience to see them every time.

Diving with whale sharks

Have you always wanted to dive with whale sharks? During our liveaboard, you’ll get up close and personal with them. And that in the Maldives! Whale sharks are mostly spotted near several atolls. They are there all year round, so the chances of you being able to dive with whale sharks are very high. They move languidly through the water and look very calm. Do they find it too crowded? Then they just calmly swim away.

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