I made two back-to-back diving safaris with The True Maldives from September 29, 2018 through October 21, 2018.
I can only say one thing about it: Great …

After my arrival at Male international airport I traveled to Hulhumale with a taxi. Fine to do, only $ 8, – one way and dropped off for my hotel, because I had taken one extra day to acclimatise for a while. Something I can recommend to anyone, by the way.

After having done some shopping, a phone card and eardrops with antibiotics (you never know if you need it) watched the island, along with a traveling companion who arrived later in the day. We were brought into contact with each other by Bas, from The True Maldives.

The next day early to the airport to join the travel companion that arrived. Bas, our tour director this trip and Jeff, the local dive guide, were already waiting for us.
All together to the Dhoni, the dinghy on which the equipment is left behind, the compresors are standing and with which we make the dives brings us to the Dinasha, the cruseboot, on which we continue during the trip.

On board the Dinasha a safety briefing during a welcome drink and proposals to each other. Then move into the cabins, while the Dinasha leaves for the first dive site.
The Dinasha is a nice wooden cruseboot, not super luxury, but functional, clean and a good crew. The boat has enough space to comfortably stay with 14 divers, but do not expect any craziness with hot tubs and BBQ’s and such.
The day schedule was a bit disappointing at first, 5.30 am during vacation, but actually this was really nice. We were able to make the most of daylight and make our three dives a day with surface intervals of about three hours.

The food on board was fine, breakfast after the first dive, a warm lunch with a table full of delicious dishes after the afternoon dive, and after returning from the late afternoon dive some snacks and bananas that you could pick from the bunches on the back deck. In the evening around 7:30 pm at 8:00 pm dinner and after dinner we had a chat on the deck before everyone left for their cage.
What have we seen during these two trips along the North Male Atoll, the South Male Atoll, the Vaavu Atoll and the Ari Atoll?

Everything I had hoped for: Turtles, Napoleonfish, Muray eals, octopus, snappers, scorpionfish, parrotfish, Tuna, Dolphins, Manta rays, Eagles ray, Stingray, feathertail stingray, Whitetip reef sharks, Blacktip reef sharks, Gray reef sharks, leopard shark, silvertip sharks, Nurse sharks, Whaleshark, and lots of small fish. In addition, in some places beautiful blue corals, soft corals, sponges, gorgonians and more. What struck us was that in some places the coral bleach had struck, but also that signs of recovery were already visible.

The dives were well described during each briefing, so you knew what to expect.
The gentlemen know where to find the beautiful spots and we have seen a lot of beauty almost every dive, but also some dives have waited in vain for Whalesharks and manta rays, but actually that makes sense.
I can recommend everyone to make this trip with The True Maldives, because they really go for the big stuff and because they have a different sailing schedule of the other cruise boats, you are often only with your own divers at a dive site. Absolutely great.

Robbert-Jan Borger

It was our 3rd dive safari and I have to say it was the most beautiful with The True Maldives !!!!!
The ship Dhinasha was clean and equipped with everything you need. Air conditioning, fan, toilet / shower.
The food was delicious. Everything worked fine on the Doni, too.

The diving was unusual for us at first. We were used to following the guide and diving together again. Here, the Buddy team was happy to dive its own way.
Put the buoy up and you were picked up !!! It was nice because we really made good use of it. So completely relaxed !!!!
The dive sites are well chosen. Something for everyone. We had sharks almost on all dives !! In the choice of the dive sites the requests of the guests was incorporated. Great!

We were also lucky enough to meet the new owners of The True Maldives. They are very experienced divers and totally funny.
The main language was Dutch and English.
We can recommend The True Maldives with very good conscience.

Many Thanks!!!!!! Thank you for the nice trip !!!!!

Elke and Stephan Erdmann

Popup Duikvaker The True Maldives