We mainly organise eleven day safaris as we are less dependent on the weather and can sail out of sync with the rest of the safari boats.

If we have strong winds on one day we have still enough slack in the planning.

Everyone is picked up by us on the airport, after which we take the Dhoni to sail to the safariboat.

Routes. The True Maldives
Maladiven. The True Maldives

Every day, three dives are made and we can visit inhabited or uninhabited islands.

There is the possibility for snorkelling or we catch our own fish.

Ofcourse there is still plenty of time to peacefully read a book.

We don’t have a fixed route.
This is mainly determined by the presence of large marine animals and the special wishes of the guests.

In recent years, the Ari Atoll is very popular because of the large numbers of Whale Sharks.
But we also sail through other atolls.

Routes. The True Maldives